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The FurFins: TinyTail and the Lost Treasure

Alison Ritchie

The FurFins: TinyTail and the Lost Treasure

Paperback (Bloomsbury Publishing July 11, 2019)

Beneath the silvery waves, nestled in a kaleidoscope of colourful coral, lies the magical Kingdom of Coralia. This is where the FurFins live: TinyTail, StarTail, CherryTail and a host of underwater creatures including clown fish, Giggle and Hee-hee, Cariad the octopus and the Travelling Turtles.

When TinyTail loses her first scale, she can't wait for the Scale Fairy to come and replace it with a glittering new scale. But disaster strikes when she drops her old scale in the deep ocean . Luckily her best friend StarTail comes to the rescue.

Packed with gorgeous colour illustrations, this charming underwater adventure is the first in an exciting new picture-book series featuring the endearing FurFins with their glittery tails and adorably furry faces!

1408897849 / 9781408897843
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10.0 x 0.3 in.

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