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Rocco V. Feravolo, Evelyn Urbanowich


Paperback (Living Library Press Jan. 26, 2017)

Originally published as the Junior Science Book of Magnets, this book is a reprint of Rocco Feravolo's 1960 elementry science book. The work provides a fundamental introduction to the physics of magnets, both metallic and electromagnets. Covered in the discussion is an explanation of why magnets attract, experiments demonstrating their properties, how to make a magnet, how to use them in compasses, and how they are used in industry. Reproductions of the artwork by Evelyn Urbanowich enhance the student's understanding of the concepts discussed. The text includes a Table of Contents and Index.

0692836640 / 9780692836644
2.4 oz.
6.0 x 0.1 in.

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