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Robin Hood
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Saviour Pirotta
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QEB Publishing
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Saviour Pirotta

Robin Hood

Hardcover (QEB Publishing July 29, 2014)
Robin Hood lives deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest.Together with his band of merry men, he fights to protect the poor from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham who is on a rise to power.If only this hero could win the heart of the beautiful Maid Marian along the way...Carefully abridged texts, retold in clear contemporary language, these titles are perfect for any English learners and can be enjoyed by all readers.Each page of writing is accompanied by a charming illustration on the facing page, so these well-loved classics will capture the readers’ heart and imagination. By condensing such classics into 48 pages as these, children are encouraged to one day read these stories in their original form.The Classic Collection includes:A Little Princess (978-1-60992-469-0) Fall 2014Robin Hood (978-1-60992-470-6) Fall 14Previous titles:Black Beauty (978-1-60992-445-4) Spring 2014Robinson Crusoe (978-1-60992-447-8) Spring 2014The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (978-1-60992-446-1) Fall 2013Anne of Green Gables (978-1-60992-468-3) Fall 2013Gulliver's Travels (978-1-60992-471-3) Fall 2013The Secret Garden (978-1-60992-444-7) Fall 2013
Classic Collection
1609924703 / 9781609924706
38.4 oz.
7.0 x 0.4 in.

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