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Age 10+
Grade K-3

Gary L Blackwood


Hardcover (Cavendish Square Publishing Sept. 1, 2001)
Noted author Gary L. Blackwood grew up intrigued by crime fighters. In Bad Guys, the two-time Smithsonian Notable Book Award winner takes a look at the other side. A motley crew of villians, their chronicles are, indeed, fascinating. Yet, Blackwood goes far beyond storytelling. Placing the shenanigans of highwaymen, outlaws, swindlers, gangsters, and pirates against the backdrop of history, he considers them each in terms of the places and times in which the culprits operated. Were they evil cutthroats? Or, were they driven to their deeds out of desperation? In general, readers will find very few Robin Hoods. They will also discover that the reality of many of these men and women lies somewhere between utter scoundrel and social casualty.
Bad Guys
0761410163 / 9780761410164
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7.5 x 0.4 in.

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