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Age 5-6
Grade 4+

Margaret Mahy

A Lion in the Meadow

Hardcover (Harry N. Abrams June 27, 2013) , 1 edition
A little boy becomes convinced that a lion is living in the meadow behind his house, but his mother doesn't believe him. She thinks he's making up a story, and decides to make one up too. She gives the little boy a matchbox and tells him that the dragon living inside it will scare the lion in the meadow away. But what's a little boy to do when the dragon from the matchbox grows too big and the lion in the meadow decides to move into the house? In this heartwarmingly funny and vibrantly illustrated story, bestselling author Margaret Mahy invokes the power of imagination and the joy of imaginary friends for young readers.
1468306650 / 9781468306651
10.4 oz.
9.3 x 0.4 in.

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