Age 7-10
Grade 2-4

Margaret Wise Brown, Leonard Weisgard

The Noisy Book Treasury

Paperback (Dover Publications May 21, 2014)
From a jangling phone to a gentle breeze, these stories explore sounds both sharp and subtle. Caldecott award winners Margaret Wise Brown — author of the childhood classic Goodnight Moon — and illustrator Leonard Weisgard present three poetic and winsomely illustrated tales that introduce young readers to the everyday wonders of sound.The Noisy Book explores a world of hissing radiators and buzzing flies through the ears of Muffin, a little dog with bandaged eyes. In The Indoor Noisy Book, Muffin listens from his room at the top of the stairs to a sweeping broom, rattling silverware, a gushing faucet, and other household sounds. And in The Quiet Noisy Book, Muffin hears the softest sounds of all, from a butterfly unfolding its wings to an early bird catching a worm.
Dover Children's Classics
0486780287 / 9780486780283
14.9 oz.
8.2 x 0.5 in.

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