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You'll Get Through This
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Max Lucado
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RP Minis
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RP Minis
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Max Lucado

You'll Get Through This

Hardcover (RP Minis March 24, 2015) , Miniature ed. edition
NOTE: The dimensions of the miniature edition is 2.7 x 1.7 x 3.1 inches

Joseph was thrown into a hole and despised. The pit. Life is reduced to one quest: to get out and never get hurt again. Not simply done. Pits have no easy exit.

Joseph's story got worse before it got better. Abandonment led to enslavement and imprisonment. His life offers this lesson: in God's hands, intended evil becomes ultimate good. Someone from up there must come down here and give you a hand. God did for Joseph.

And at the right time, in the right way, he will do the same for you.

This Miniature EditionTM is based on the New York Times bestselling book by Max Lucado.

RP Minis
076245489X / 9780762454891
5.6 oz.
2.8 x 0.8 in.

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