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Chris Mattison

Lizards of the World

Hardcover (Facts on File Feb. 1, 2004) , New Ed edition
Human interest in lizards is not new. These reptiles have been the subject of superstition and speculation for thousands of years, and their remarkably diverse forms, colors, and behavior continue to fascinate us today. We know comparatively little aboutlizards, however, and the data produced by increasing scientific study is often impenetrable or inaccessible to the interested general reader. Written as an introduction to the natural history of lizards, this book helps to answer the many questions thatboth amateur and professional naturalists ask about these animals. The first seven chapters cover the origins, form, function and color, environment, feeding, defense, reproduction, movement, and distribution of lizards -- from tiny tropical geckos to the huge Komodo dragon. The author also discusses lizards in captivity and their relationship to humans and describes the entire range of the lizard families. The book concludes with a chapter on the curious group of burrowing "worm lizards," the amphisbaenians. The highly readable and informative text is beautifully illustrated with line drawings and superb black-and-white color photographs of the spectacularly varied lizard families.
Of the World
/ 9780816057160
22.4 oz.
6.2 x 0.8 in.

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