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Sideways Fred: Winner of Mom's Choice and Purple Dragonfly Awards

Grade K-1

L.S.V. Baker, M.E.B. Stottmann

Sideways Fred: Winner of Mom's Choice and Purple Dragonfly Awards

Hardcover (Baxter's Corner Aug. 19, 2017) , 2nd ed. edition

“Jumping,” thought Fred,“ looks like wonderful fun. I can’t wait to grow legs and hop in the sun.”

As a tadpole, Fred can’t wait to jump just like the older frogs. But one of Fred’s new legs is shorter than the other and the jumping coach tells Fred that maybe jumping is not for him. Instead of giving up, Fred figures out a special way to jump. He practices and practices ... until he can hit the target every time.

Through storytelling, Baxter’s Corner® pursues its mission to inspire young children to develop positive social skills that affect behavior choices. Each book features fun filled pages that Go Beyond the reading with a series of questions and learning activities that focus on an important point for your young listener or reader, including:

  • “What do you think” questions
  • Fun facts about the featured animals
  • Social skill activities
  • “Stop and think” situations that show the effects of choices we make

“Parents and educators share responsibility to engender in children empathy and a sense of responsibility. The children’s books from Baxter’s Corner help adults teach these essential skills through delightful stories. Not only are the characters engaging and their tales charming, the design of each story captivates the imagination of the child.

As an educator for 40 years, I appreciate the Go Beyond feature at the end of each story. With the activities in this section, parents, grandparents and educators can turn story time into opportunities for lessons about the impact of the choices we make. We discover fun facts about the featured animal characters as well as questions that develop critical thinking and spark children’s creativity. Through the creative process, children develop essential life skills such as empathy, grit, imagination and critical thinking.”

Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ
Independent School Administrator
Miami, Florida

“Since I live in Baxter County, Arkansas, I had to check out your books and puppets. I am so glad I did! The delightful characters and books are perfect for my classroom of special needs children. My students will really benefit from these wonderful social stories. I have turned the reading corner of my classroom into The Gang at Baxter's Corner Reading Club. Thank you for creating these stories.”

Rebecca Weliver

Elementary Instructor

Mountain Home, Arkansas

1938647149 / 9781938647147
10.7 oz.
8.0 x 0.2 in.

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