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Age 6-8
Grade 1-3

James Howe, Jeff Mack

The Vampire Bunny

Hardcover (Simon Spotlight Jan. 1, 2004) , Repackage ed. edition
One dark and stormy night, the Monroes bring home a new pet: a little black-and-white rabbit. Because the Monroes found him at a Dracula movie, they name the rabbit Bunnicula. Harold the dog thinks Bunnicula is just a cute little bunny. But Chester the cat is worried.
Bunnicula sleeps all day and wakes up at night. And Bunnicula doesn't have little bunny teeth -- he has fangs. Is Bunnicula really just a harmless little bunny? Or is he something much, much more scary?
Bunnicula and Friends (Book 1)
9780689857 / 9780689857249
7.2 oz.
6.0 x 0.5 in.

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