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Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital

Age 3-8
Grade PK-3

Michael Bond, Karen Jankel, R. W Alley

Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital

Hardcover (HarperCollins May 22, 2001)

Oh, no! Paddington Bear has hurt his arm, and he's having trouble remembering just how it happened. The Browns are worried enough to take Paddington on his first trip to the hospital. From the moment he arrives on a stretcher with wheels, which he thinks is "very good value:' to the end of his overnight stay, Paddington takes it all in with curiosity and wonderment ... along with a little apprehension! But the kind nurses and doctors, and even the patients themselves, help Paddington see that the hospital isn't as scary a place as it first seems. At the end of this gentle, reassuring story, Paddington's arm is set straight and so is Paddington when he discovers that even the hospital food isn't as bad as he thought it would be!

For over forty years, Paddington Bear has charmed young readers with his earnest intentions and humorous misadventures. Now Michael Bond's new stories, with warm, charming illustrations by R. W. Alley, bring this classic character into the hearts of another generation of fans.

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