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Beverly Seuss

What Dog Should I Get?:

language ( Jan. 21, 2016)
What Dog Should I Get is a rhyming book for kids and it is the perfect bedtime story for children. It's short enough to read in a few minutes but long enough to keep kids happy and smiling with you.

What Dog Should I Get is also a wonderful story about making good choices. Children learn about different types of dogs and even other animals. What's great is that kids love to read this book with you, or alone. Of course, children love to look at the gorgeous pictures over and over. Kids love this book and laugh at many of the pictures... and you will too!

But it gets better because this is a rhyming book for children! You get to "sneak" in learning. Fun for all ages, boys and girls. This is the perfect book for children ages 2-8 and for adults who love dogs. This book is sure to become a favorite.


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