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-Ful and -Less, -Er and -Ness: What Is a Suffix?

Age 7-11
Grade 2-5

Brian P. Cleary, Martin Goneau

-Ful and -Less, -Er and -Ness: What Is a Suffix?

Paperback (Millbrook Press TM Jan. 1, 2016) , Reprint edition

What is a suffix? You'll find the answer inside this book―it's overflowing with wonderful suffixes. Brian P. Cleary's playful rhymes and Martin Goneau's humorous illustrations creatively present the concept of suffixes for young readers. For easy identification, key suffixes appear in color, and the comical cats reinforce each idea.

-Ful and -Less, -Er and -Ness: What Is a Suffix? turns traditional grammar lessons on end! Read and reread this book aloud and delight in the sense―and nonsense―of words.

Words Are CATegorical ®
1512400882 / 9781512400885
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