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Stories From the Panchatantra 5 in 1:

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Anant Pai

Stories From the Panchatantra 5 in 1:

Hardcover (Amar Chitra Katha Jan. 4, 2008)
Stories From The Panchatantra (5 In 1 Series) is a compilation of five titles from the Panchatantra, a book of fables from Indian folklore. The first story included is The Jackal And The War Drum. This is followed by three other titles, namely Crows And Owls, How The Jackal Ate The Elephant, and The Brahmin And The Goat. The final title in the collection is The Dullard And Other Stories. The stories that are narrated in this book provide advice on the right way of life and morality, which is a common characteristic of Panchatantra tales. The characters in these tales are also anthropomorphic in nature, i.e. they are animal characters with human attributes. The set was released as a part of Amar Chitra Katha, an Indian comic book series established by Anant Pai himself.
/ 9788190599078
17.6 oz.
7.4 x 0.6 in.

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