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Simply Alice
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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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Simon Pulse
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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Simply Alice

Mass Market Paperback (Simon Pulse Nov. 1, 2003)
Life After Patrick
It isn't Alice and Patrick anymore; it's simply Alice, and much to her surprise, Alice is finding that's okay. In fact, working on the school play and becoming increasingly involved in the newspaper have Alice so busy she doesn't have much time for her best friends Pamela and Elizabeth -- and they resent it.
And if Alice ever needed friends, she needs them now. She's got a secret e-mail admirer she's not sure how to handle. Her brother, Lester, is plunging headlong into a risky romance with a professor. And her new friend, Faith, seems unable to break free of an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. It's not simple being simply Alice.
Alice (Book 14)
0689859651 / 9780689859656
4.0 oz.
4.2 x 0.7 in.

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