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Sonic The Hedgehog Archives, Vol. 7

Age 9-12
Grade 4-7

Mike Gallagher, Angelo DeCesare, Ken Penders, Patrick Spaziante, Harvey Mercadoocasio, Dave Manak, Jon D'Agostino, Art Mawhinney, Rich Koslowski

Sonic The Hedgehog Archives, Vol. 7

Paperback (Archie Comics June 4, 2008)
Relive classic Sonic stories with this collection of issues #25-28 of Sonic's ongoing comic book series. Each story is meticulously restored and printed on high-grade paper - so you can feel like you're zipping right alongside the cobalt champion as he saves Knothole Village! This action-packed edition features the first comic book appearances of Metal Sonic, Amy Rose, Sonic's betrayal of the Freedom Fighters, and the solo story that led to Tails' own mini-series! With stories like "Go Ahead, Mecha My Day," "Scrambled Hedgehog," and "Growing Pains," fans of the speedy hedgehog and his friends will feel the blast of wind as Sonic goes racing by!
Sonic The Hedgehog Archives (Book 7)
1879794306 /
6.4 oz.
5.0 x 0.2 in.

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