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Riley Weber, Michelle Weber

Thanksgiving Riddles

language ( Nov. 5, 2014)
Get those belly muscles ready for some chuckles! These totally fantastic, kid-friendly Thanksgiving riddles and adorable illustrations about goofy turkeys, silly pilgrims, and much more will have your little comic serving up giggles and gobbles left and right.

Humorous colorful illustrations accompany each Thanksgiving riddle in this celebration of family, friends, and the holiday that brings them all together.

Enjoy a few Thanksgiving Riddles from the book.

I am made from a large orange object,
That many people love to dissect.
I taste great with whipped cream on top,
That you can spray on me or just plop!
What am I?

(Pumpkin Pie!)

When the leave turn yellow, orange, and red,
And just before they fall off and the trees look dead,
I come the same time each year,
After summer, and before the winter.
What am I?


When you count me, you feel good.
If you haven’t tried it, you really should.
Every person has many of me.
Given from God; and often free!
What am I?


I’m usually where the turkey is kept,
For a few hours while it’s wrapped and cooked.
I wear a large metal hood.
And am where baked items smell so good.
What am I?


You can make so many things out of me.
I grow in the ground and not on a tree.
I’m often yellow, but I’m sometimes blue.
I’m can be baked, ground, or popped through and through.
What am I?


Funny ILLUSTRATED Thanksgiving Riddles for Kids!

Each riddle has two illustrated pages; one for the question, and one for the answer, to make guessing the riddle much more fun! Children as well as adults will have fun guessing the riddles and jokes.

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