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Seven Wonders of the Milky Way

Age 10-12
Grade 5-6

David A. Aguilar

Seven Wonders of the Milky Way

Hardcover (Viking Books for Young Readers Dec. 11, 2018)
Witness the wonders of the Milky Way in this stunningly illustrated book that will make you feel like an astronaut!

Blast off to the oldest star in our galaxy, zoom around planetary nebulae dubbed "the butterflies of space," circle past humongous, ringed exoplanets, and close in on newly discovered orbs that just might support alien life. David Aguilar, former Director of Science Information at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and creator of Cosmic Catastrophes and Seven Wonders of the Solar System, takes us on a unique space journey through the Milky Way.

His beautifully rendered, painterly images are based on the latest scientific findings about our galaxy and are supported by lively, factual text about celestial wonders such as Omega Centauri, the Great Nebula in Orion, UY Scuti, the Hourglass Nebula, and headlining-making discoveries about planet J1407b, Tabby's Star, and the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system.
0451476867 / 9780451476869
20.8 oz.
9.3 x 0.4 in.

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