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Juliet Vane

June's Blood

language ( Sept. 28, 2017)
Ghostly footsteps, haunted mirrors, stolen treasures…
Welcome to Rosebud Academy.

Up until a few weeks ago, eighteen-year-old Lissa Anderson drank, smoked, and partied hard.

She was trying to forget a tragedy.

But now that she’s seen the error of her ways, she’s determined to be the straightest arrow at Rosebud, an elite summer academy for classical musicians.

A spooky old dormitory, overprivileged students, and hours at the piano make the program into everything Lissa expected. What she didn’t expect is her quickly-budding romance with a cellist, the series of thefts related to scary stories, or the ghost determined to get Lissa’s attention. Could Lissa’s rebellious past help her unlock the future?

June’s Blood is the first story in the Rosebud Academy series. The main story problem (thefts at the academy) is resolved in this book; however, there are more mysteries that build upon this one, leading to the next book in the series. If you like paranormal mysteries and haunted academies, you’ll devour this spooky, gothic trilogy.

Explore these ghost-filled halls by starting the Rosebud Academy today!


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