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Lewis Spence


Hardcover (Bracken Books July 31, 1986) , New Ed edition
This volume presents the reader with an authoritative guide to Egypt's ancient mythologies and beliefs. The author begins with a general introduction to the subject, recounting the stages in modern understanding of the Egyptians: then the myths and legends are described, from the rise of the great Nilotic civilization to the graeco-Roman blending the history of ancient Egypt with the evolution of religious cults, beliefs and stories, the author navigates the reader through the Egyptian dynasties. He pays special attention to the periods when the religious myths were formulated and the greater gods came into prominence; the popular beliefs and customs of the ancient Egyptians are represented in folk tales, verses and songs, and there are 48 illustrations depicting scenes from the legends as well as sculptures and mummies found in the tombs.
Myths & Legends
0946495858 / 9780946495856
19.2 oz.
8.5 x 5.5 in.

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