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Jane George

Ring Rider

(Beeswax Books Feb. 12, 2016) , 1 edition
A teenage, trailer-park runaway is offered a place to live and work in a struggling, one-ring circus. But nothing at Circus Lunastrata is what it seems, especially not the young circus cook, a guitar-playing, Edgar-Allan-Poe-quoting guy intriguing enough to be dangerous to her off-limits heart. Soon, she’s risking not only her heart, but her life, as she dares to enter this magical and treacherous new world. But it’s the only world she’s ever wanted to call home.
The Enchanted Circus of Jules Compere (Book 1)
0985130725 / 9780985130725
19.2 oz.
6.0 x 0.8 in.

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