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C L Carlson

Spirit Warrior

(CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform March 2, 2014) , 1 edition
Since the age of five, Olin had aspired to only one goal; to get his father back into his life. At seventeen, with no success, he was willing to do almost anything to make that happen. There was nothing that could make him feel differently… or so he thought. When he was plunged into a situation where the energy of the elements was his to command, the world as he knew it was turned upside down. The gifts that ran through Olin’s blood would make him question his goal and rethink his path, all in an effort to choose well. Those same gifts would result in him being christened Spirit Warrior. But was he worthy?
Spirit Series (Book 1)
1497365872 / 9781497365872
13.8 oz.
5.0 x 0.7 in.

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