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Water Queen
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Juliann Whicker
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Juliann Whicker

Water Queen

Paperback (Independently published June 19, 2019)
Genevieve Castle has never been so happy.And that's why she's having a nervous breakdown. Being engaged to a prince should make any girl ecstatic, but Gen isn't sure she's cut out to be a princess, particularly when burning venom tears start coming out of her eyes and her tentacles just won't be tamed. With Prince Oliver dying from a disease created by the Monsters she's supposed to be in charge of, it looks like war is soon the horizon. She must choose a side, to defend her own kind or leave them to the Destroyer and his false Siren. What could be more romantic than marrying a man who must be king of a country that's going to destroy your own species?Can she be the queen of a people who are trying to kill her? Whether she’s ready or not, Genevieve is about to find out what she’s made of…Water Queen is the end of the addictive Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy series, Watergirl. With guys too hot to be human, and more tentacles than you possibly wanted to try to cut off with a razor.
Watergirl (Book 5)
1075059283 / 9781075059285
25.6 oz.
6.0 x 1.1 in.

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