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Lily Zante

November Sun

Rough, rugged and sinfully sexy - that's the man she's fallen in love with.A man her mother would never approve of.But it doesn't matter, because her happy-ever-after is almost here ... Gina Morosini almost has it all - the perfect job of her dreams and the perfect man of her dreams. All she needs now is the perfect place of her dreams. Moving out of the house she shares with her controlling mother isn't going to be a breeze, but she's prepared for the battle. Christian Russo, has fallen for the type of girl he would never have noticed. Gina Morosini is sweet and decent and a far cry from the casual friends-with-benefits hookup he had before.But even though he's crazy about her, he's not so sure she feels the same.Maybe she's holding back because she can't say those three little words. She's never been one to show her emotions, and he understands. Living with that cold and manipulative mother of hers can't have been easy.But their romance is deepening, and it's only a matter of time before things fall into place, once she moves in with him.Unless life throws them a curve ball. Or two.** 'November Sun' is the follow-on story from 'Roman Encounter' and is the fifth book in the Italian Summer Series.

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