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Emma Smith

Fate of the Emerald Fae

( Sept. 30, 2020)
"Welcome to Epacia Academy."

These were the words that changed Lillian Valda's life forever. In the human world, Faeries and magic were just stories, fairytales, nothing more. That is until she stumbles across spellbound hollow, the portal that connects the human world to Epacia, the Fae world.

In a world controlled by the elemental gemstones and the Fae queens themselves, the Fae are happy, peaceful almost. When the emerald gemstone disappears, causing an astronomical eruption between the elemental Fae and the banished vampires.

Fae instincts kick in and Lillian realizes she has to fight for her spot in the academy and on the throne as well if she wants the respect that the other Royals have, but is her brother going to be fighting for the same cause? Aeron's loyalties seem to lie with their father, the increasingly suspicious fallen angel whom Aeron becomes scarily similar to.

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