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Age 2-4
Grade PK-7

Jonathan London

Liplap's Wish

Paperback (Chronicle Books Oct. 1, 1997)
When Liplap wakes to find the ground covered with the first snow of the year, he can hardly wait to build a snowbunny. He pulls on his winter clothes and hops outside—lip lap, lip lap—as quickly as he can. But something's not right. As Liplap builds his snowbunny, he realizes that for the first time, his grandmother isn't there to help him. Grandmother hadn't lived to see the snow this year, and Liplap can't believe that he'll never see her again. It isn't until Liplap's mother tells him the ancient bunny legend about the stars in the sky that Liplap realizes that his grandmother will always be with him.

In this truly moving book, the heartwarming text and tender illustrations provide reassuring comfort as they remind us that the power of love and memory can transcend the sadness and confusion that comes with any kind of loss or separation. Perfect for one-on-one sharing as well as group discussion, this extraordinary book works on a variety of levels to comfort and to inspire.

0811818101 / 9780811818100
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8.5 x 0.2 in.

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