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Age 6-10
Grade 1-2

Stuart J. Murphy, Cynthia Jabar

The Sundae Scoop

Hardcover (HarperCollins Dec. 24, 2002) , 1 edition

Lauren, James, and Emily are helping Winnie the cafeteria lady serve up ice-cream sundaes at the school picnic. (Winnie's cat Marshmallow is helping, too.) With 2 flavors of ice cream, 2 different sauces, and 2 kinds of toppings, they can make everybody's favorite sundae. That is, until Lauren spills the sprinkles, and Marshmallow licks up the caramel!

How many different combinations can you make from a certain number of items? This important math skill is easy to understand in a story kids will absolutely eat up.

MathStart 2
0060289244 / 9780060289249
10.4 oz.
10.0 x 0.2 in.

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