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Tycho Brahe: Pioneer of Astronomy

Age 10-12
Grade 5-9

Don Nardo

Tycho Brahe: Pioneer of Astronomy

Library Binding (Compass Point Books Sept. 1, 2007) , 1st edition
Tycho Brahe was an eccentric Danish astronomer in the 1500s. Growing up in the wealthy home of his uncle, he was provided with the freedom to pursue his ambitions in life. While attending college, Tycho viewed a solar eclipse, which scholars had predicted would happen. He was fascinated that science could predict such phenomenal events, and he devoted much of his time to studying the heavens. Using modern instruments and techniques to measure the positions of the stars and the movements of the planets, Brahe revolutionized the way astronomers viewed the night sky.
Signature Lives: Scientific Revolution
0756533090 / 9780756533090
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