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Rand McNally fabMAP Santa Monica

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Rand McNally

Rand McNally fabMAP Santa Monica

Map (Rand McNally May 9, 2008) , Map edition
You will not want to put this waterproof map awayThe fabMAP puts it paper predecessors to shame. You'll never need to worry about getting the fold just right as this tear-proof, wrinkle-proof, microfiber waterproof map is virtually indestructible. Throw it in a pocket or a purse or keep it out to show off, the fabMAP lets you where you need to go in a new, fun fashion. These easy-to-read maps highlight points of interest, restaurants, hotels, and more. The fabMAP also can double as a cloth to clean eyewear, cell phones or laptop screens when on the road.Check out the most fun and convenient way to carry a map of the Santa Monica area around. A waterproof map without the folding headache: This napkin-sized fabric map fits easily into pockets, purses, suitcases and kids' handsTough - and soft Fabric Map: This tear-proof, wrinkle-proof, waterproof map can stand up to the elements when you're on the roadA fabric map with more: This waterproof map will get you where you need to be, but it can also be used as a cleaning cloth or protective sleeve for electronicsBig type, big fun: Even though this fabric map is little, the roads and points of interest are easy-to-read
0528871692 / 9780528871696
0.8 oz.
4.2 x 0.5 in.

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