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Grade 1-2

Tanji Dewberry, Suzanne DeSimone

Oh Fiddlesticks!

Hardcover (East Parkwood Enterprises Nov. 2, 2012)
What would you do if someone took your favorite dump truck just as you were building the tallest building in the world?? In Sam's case, he got mad, REALLY mad. Oh Fiddlesticks!, takes the reader on Sam's crusade as he creates a plan to get his truck back from his friend Chris. Armed with his warrior sword and a bad temper, Sam wages war. The only problem is, Sam finds himself in a pickle just as he is about to go through with his attack on Chris. At that moment, he is forced to come up with a new plan. Find out how Sam gets his truck back in Oh Fiddlesticks!
0988270803 / 9780988270800
15.2 oz.
8.8 x 0.2 in.