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The Suicide Song
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L Kelley
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Linda Kelley
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Big Easy Shaman
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L Kelley

The Suicide Song

Paperback (Linda Kelley May 10, 2018)

Once you hear the Suicide Song, it's too late to run.

There's more trouble in the Big Easy for budding shaman Peter Whistler and his friends. The Book of the Practically Undead is proving difficult to destroy. Meanwhile, someone mastered the Suicide Song, a particularly nasty bit of dark magic. Once a victim is trapped by the singer's deadly tune, suicide is the only escape. Could this new conjuror also have something to do with a lovesick fifolet causing trouble in Bayou St. Gerard? Peter's own love life could certainly use assistance. How can he concentrate on the upcoming Père Noël dance when danger lurks around every corner?

Fifolets, pirate curses, and deadly threats to New Orleans. Will Peter and his friends prevail and stop the Suicide Song before the conjuror claims the next victim?

Big Easy Shaman (Book 3)
1732153728 / 9781732153721
12.2 oz.
5.0 x 0.7 in.

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