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Jim Henson: Puppeteer and Filmmaker

Grade 5-9

James Robert Parish

Jim Henson: Puppeteer and Filmmaker

Hardcover (Ferguson Publishing Company April 1, 2006) , Illustrated Edition
Each Volume includes: - A career section that looks closely at the person's career and presents important information about that career - Black-and-white photographs - An informative timeline that highlights important events in the subjects life - Additional resources for learning more about the subject's life and career - A comprehensive index. Career coverage includes: - Specific occupational information, including job description, educational requirements, types of employers, advice on starting out, advancement, work environment, earnings, and job outlook - Resources for learning more about each career, including a bibliography, Web sites, and contact information for relevant organizations.
Ferguson Career Biographies
0816058342 / 9780816058341
10.7 oz.
6.46 x 0.58 in.

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