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Daddy and Mommy Teach History: His Story

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Jennifer Adams

Daddy and Mommy Teach History: His Story

(Randy Adams July 6, 2015) , 1st edition
Children are precious gifts sent to us from the loving hand of the Almighty God. As their parents, we are asked by God to prepare children for the world and to help them understand God and his love. God has entrusted their lives to us and we must, in return, teach them His Story—the story of love, faith, community, the world, and ourselves. Daddy and Mommy Teach History tells God’s amazing story and provides a fun and engaging book to help teach children the beautiful story of God’s gifts and love. His Story is our history and the most important story we will tell. Daddy and Mommy, who made that leaf? Who made the flower, the bird, and the bee? History tells us God wants us each to say, “God, I choose to follow You today and every day.”
0996151303 / 9780996151306
16.0 oz.

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