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Jules Feiffer

The Man in the Ceiling

Hardcover (Perfection Learning Jan. 1, 1995) , 0th Edition

He's bad at sports and not much better at school, but Jimmy sure can draw terrific cartoons. And his dream'like that of his Uncle Lester, who writes flop Broadway musicals'is to be recognized for what he loves doing most.

1993 Books for Youth Editors' Choices (BL)
1993 Choices: The Year's Best Books (Publishers Weekly)
Children's Books of 1993 (Library of Congress)
1994 Books for the Teen Age (NY Public Library)
100 Books for Reading and Sharing 1993 (NY Public Library)

078075915X / 9780780759152
13.6 oz.
5.63 x 0.91 in.

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