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His Servant
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Michaela White
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Tate Publishing
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Michaela White

His Servant

Paperback (Tate Publishing Jan. 22, 2013)
I was barely aware that I was sagging between two men. They were carrying me somewhere. The knuckle in my left hand was screaming with pain, and I also had a gash in the same palm. Through the haze that clouded my mind, I could faintly remember the events from the previous night. One thing stood out among all of the others: no one would know what happened to me. Kairi Clark is an average teenage girl dealing with average high school things. She never expected anything more in life than to graduate and start a family. When she wins a trip to Egypt, she begins to travel down a path she never asked for. The only thing holding her back is Declan, an old friend. After nine years of ignoring her, he suddenly returns, wanting a chance to start over. Yet Kairi won't be deterred from the opportunity God has given her. As soon as Kairi steps foot in the desert, she realizes just how much God wants to do with hera witnessing chance opens up on the first day. However, something isn't right in this ancient town. When Kairi finds herself injured and kidnapped, she is forced to depend on God in a way she never thought she would. Declan, sensing danger, immediately flies to Egypt, determined to rescue Kairi. In His Servant, two teenagers will discover just how far faith can carry them and the plans God has for them. The question is: what exactly are they going to have to face to find out what they're fighting for?
1621471799 / 9781621471790
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5.2 x 0.5 in.

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