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The Sonoran Desert by Day and Night

Age 8-14
Grade PK-8

Dot Barlowe

The Sonoran Desert by Day and Night

Paperback (Dover Publications Jan. 17, 2003)
The great Sonoran Desert, which covers the hottest part of the U.S. Southwest and northwestern Mexico, teems with a surprising abundance of unusual creatures and plant life. While the desert seems to sleep during the hot daylight hours, many animals are actually up and about. But the desert is most active at night.
This entertaining, educational coloring book, filled with realistic illustrations, follows wildlife and plants — from tiny lizards and delicate flowers to coyotes and giant saguaros — through a 24-hour cycle. Lifelike, ready-to-color portraits depict an antelope jack rabbit scared by peccaries, a desert tortoise chewing on a beavertail cactus, a bobcat encountering a family of skunks, a turkey vulture with a six-foot wingspread, and many other plants and animals that have adapted to the harsh environment of the desert.
Sure to appeal to colorists of all ages, this fascinating collection of 29 detailed, accurate illustrations will thrill nature lovers as well.
Dover Nature Coloring Book
0486423697 / 9780486423692
4.0 oz.
8.5 x 0.2 in.

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