Age 7-12
Grade 1-2

Tomie Arai, Enrique Chagoya, Carmen Lomas Garza, Maya Christina Gonzalez, Nancy Hom, George Littlechild, Stephen Von Mason, Rodolfo Morales, Mira Reisberg, JoeSam, Elly Simmons, Daryl Wells, Michele Wood, Hideo Yoshida, Harriet Rohmer

Just Like Me

Paperback (Children's Book Press April 1, 2013)
In this original and remarkable collection, Children's Book Press highlights the art and inspirational paths of fourteen outstanding artists who, over the course of twenty years, have shared their art and lives with children. With vivid color and emotion, the artists gathered here-including Carmen Lomas Garza, George Littlechild, and JoeSam.-present stunning self-portraits and personal statements about themselves. Intimate, serious, and funny, their stories explore their inspirations, their ethnic backgrounds, how they see themselves, and what their art means to them. For some, art is a way to express concerns and feelings about society or to create imaginary worlds. For others, their art is a way to capture timeless moments in childhood or simply to celebrate life. They also share what inspired them to become artists, perhaps a loving parent or a shining moment in their lives-the spark for each one is different. Through stories, paintings, and childhood photographs, these fourteen artists open their hearts and invite us to enter into their worlds. With honesty and encouragement, they offer hope for aspiring young people who dream of becoming artists-just like them.
0892392770 / 9780892392773
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8.8 x 0.2 in.