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Wild Man Island
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Will Hobbs
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Age 8-12
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Will Hobbs

Wild Man Island

Paperback (HarperCollins April 1, 2003) , Illustrated Edition

Andy is in a
world of trouble.

On the last day of a sea kayaking trip in southeast Alaska, fourteen-year-old Andy Galloway paddles away from his group to visit the nearby site where his archaeologist father died trying to solve the mystery of the first Americans. A sudden, violent storm blows Andy's kayak off course and washes him ashore on Admiralty Island, an immense wilderness known as the Fortress of the Bears. Struggling to survive, Andy encounters a dog running with wolves and then a man toting a stone-tipped spear. The wild man vanishes into the forest, but the dog reappears and leads Andy to a cave filled with Stone Age tools and weapons. Running for his life, Andy retreats deep into the cave, where danger, suspense, and discovery await.

0380733102 / 9780380733101
4.5 oz.
5.13 x 0.38 in.

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