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The Masai: Tribe Of Warriors

Age 8-9
Grade 3-4

Jonathan Scott, Angela Scott

The Masai: Tribe Of Warriors

Paperback (Collins Educational Jan. 1, 2007) , None edition

The Masai have a reputation for courage, independence and a way of life that fits with the grasslands of the East African plains. Find out all about the people, their history and how they live, in this stunning non-fiction book by top BBC wildlife filmmakers and photographers Jonathan and Angela Scott.

• Emerald/Band 15 books provide a widening range of genres including science fiction and biography, prompting more ways to respond to texts.

• Text type - A non-chronological report.

• There is a useful glossary and index on pages 44 and 45 and a diary of the day in the life f a Masai child on pages 46 and 47.

• Curriculum links - Geography: knowledge and understanding of places; Citizenship: developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people.

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