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Why Easter?
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Hannah C. Hall
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JellyTelly Press
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Hannah C. Hall

Why Easter?

eBook (JellyTelly Press Jan. 28, 2020)
Based on the bestselling video series What's in the Bible?, Why Easter? features a foundational faith concept and charming illustrations to help parents teach preschoolers why we celebrate Easter.
Clive laughed. ". . .But colorful eggs and fluffy bunnies aren't what Easter is about anyway."
"They aren't?" Ian asked. "Why do we celebrate Easter then?"
As brothers Clive and Ian dye Easter eggs and discuss their favorite things about the holiday-the Easter pony . . . or is it a bunny . . . or perhaps an Easter chicken?-Clive explains that Easter is about more than colorful eggs and fluffy bunnies. So why do we celebrate Easter? The answer is as exciting as it is wonderful: because of Jesus!

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