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Patrick Carman


Paperback (Katherine Tegen Books Jan. 26, 2016) , Reprint edition

Set in a cinematic world where telekinetic powers dominate, Quake is the pulse-pounding finale to an epic story of love and revenge for fans of I Am Number Four and The Maze Runner.

Faith and Dylan may have stopped the Quinns from destroying the Western State the last time but now the twins have joined forces with Hotspur Chance—the lethal mastermind behind Intels and pulses—and there’s no telling what he is capable of now.

Caught in the middle of a deadly war, Faith and Dylan fight in hair-rising battles while their Intel friend Hawk works to discover the secrets of the States. But the answers Hawk finds are bigger and more mind-altering than anyone expected…and if Faith and Dylan want to finish what they started, they will need to harness their pulses in a way no one has ever done before. Can Faith and Dylan’s love save the world with a quake that is big enough to change the course of history?

Pulse (Book 3)
0062085972 / 9780062085979
4.8 oz.
0.8 x 5.2 in.

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