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Amazing Grace

language (First Run Publishing LLC May 26, 2009) , eBook edition edition
To those whom much is given; sometimes too much is asked in return. If you could cure illness with a simple touch, would you? Does your answer change if it's for a family member versus a friend? What about a total stranger? Imagine being faced with this type of dilemma everyday.

Zoë has never felt the joy a simple touch can bring. From the moment of her birth, someone else's touch has always brought her great pain and sorrow.

Born a true empath Zoë must shelter herself from the world around her. Her only wish is to be able to live a normal life and feel the touch of another human without fear or pain.

Chased from state to state by a reporter who wants to expose Zoë's abilities to the world as a miracle cure, Zoë and her family must always look over their shoulders never knowing a moments peace. Never knowing true love.