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The Space Adventures of Captain Tomahawk

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James Howell

The Space Adventures of Captain Tomahawk

language (Interactive Design July 30, 2008)
If you liked "Toy Story" than you and your children will love "The Space Adventures of Captain Tomahawk". This is the 3D story of Obley and his adventure to find the missing power orb of Micron. Obley, who is a very young cadet, must travel to the massive planet Earth to retrieve the very important orb, and return it to his tiny planet Micron. Hopefully, with the help of Captain Tomahawk, Obley will be able to acomplish this dangerous mission and avoid the Zendar Warriors, who have sworn to steal the precious power orb for their own diabolical plans. This story has been optimized for the Kindle Fire and includes beautifully rendered 3D images on each and every page to fuel your child's imagination. It still plays well on all the kindle units so enjoy the adventure!

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