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Alexander Hamilton: America’s First Treasury Secretary

Age 7-9
Grade 2-3

Susanna Keller

Alexander Hamilton: America’s First Treasury Secretary

Paperback (Britannica Educational Pub Jan. 15, 2018)
Although Alexander Hamilton recently recaptured the spotlight as the subject of a hit Broadway show, his role as one of the first and foremost interpreters of the U.S. Constitution means that his importance was never in doubt. This biography introduces readers to the exciting life, and dramatic death, of the man whose accomplishments include (though are hardly limited to) working as Washington's aide during the American Revolution, writing the majority of the Federalist Papers, serving as the first Secretary of the Treasury, and influencing the establishment of the two-party political system. Sidebars highlight key vocabulary terms or offer informative quick facts, which is a great resource for report-writing.
Britannica Beginner Bios
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