Shweta Sinha

Why Should I Save Water?

Hardcover (The Energy and Resources Institute, TERI June 2, 2016)
Trash, oil spills, and climate change – these are only few of water’s troubles. Our drinking water supplies are shrinking, even as we continue to use more and more. We waste water and dump our garbage into rivers and oceans without giving it a thought. Do you know India may run out of drinking water in 25 years? Are you ready to take action? Every small step you take makes a difference. Why Should I Save Water? helps you understand the miracles of water. It teaches you the importance of saving water and helps you with ideas to do your bit towards conserving our precious resource – Water

• Water – The Essence of Life • The Super Powers of Water • Water, Water Everywhere • So Little to Drink • The Water Cycle • Dirtying the Water • Water’s Revenge • Getting Hotter in Here • Washing the Water • The Water Footprint • Why Saving Water is so Important? • Catch the Rain • Water: Use it Wisely • Being Wise at School • Our Water, Our Future • Let’s Make a Rainwater Harvesting Model! • Test Your Water Wisdom!

Why Should I?
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8.3 x 0.4 in.

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