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A Peachy and Keen: A School Tail

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Age 7-10
Grade 2-5

Jason Tharp, J. B. Rose

A Peachy and Keen: A School Tail

Paperback (Scholastic Inc. Feb. 27, 2018)
It's the first week of school, and Peachy couldn't be happier. This year, she can finally join the school newspaper! She's always pictured herself as a star reporter, writing articles that make a difference. But when Peachy goes to sign up--and drags her hyper best friend, Keen, along with her --- they learn that the paper has shut down for good. No one's reading the news anymore! Peachy is crushed.

Just then, Keen gets a text alert, and Peachy's wheels start turning. What if the newspaper were published to student's tablets! Peachy is determined, and Keen is hungry --okay, kind of determined but mostly hungry--and they set off to make it happen. But most of the students they try to recruit are more interested in other clubs, and all of the teachers are too busy to be their advisor. Plus, Peachy & Keen get in a huge fight. Will Purrfect 9 Magazine be doomed before it even begins--along with their friendship?
Peachy and Keen (Book 1)
1338110438 / 9781338110432
4.0 oz.
5.0 x 0.3 in.

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