Age 12+
Grade 6+

Galen Wadzinski

The Ultimate Maze Book

Paperback (Dover Publications Sept. 1, 2005) , Illustrated Edition
Entertain and challenge your brain with this bonanza of puzzles. Thirty mind-boggling mazes, created by a master maze designer, include labyrinths involving 3-D constructions, directional arrows, over-and-under structures, as well as key mazes, surface mazes, designated stops, and much more.
The puzzles are designed around clever themes and are categorized by difficulty into five levels--from "No Brainers" that take about five to ten minutes to solve, to "Full Brain Overload," mazes that might take hours to find a solution. (A picture of a brain with varying amounts of gray matter appears next to each maze to indicate its level of difficulty.)
There's also a "hints section" that provides clues for all but a few of the easiest puzzles. Use the hints section if you get stuck, but working the easier mazes will help you solve the more difficult ones. So grab a pencil and a-Maze yourself!
Dover Children's Activity Books
0486445356 / 9780486445359
6.4 oz.
8.28 x 0.32 in.

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