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Age 4-8
Grade PK-3

David West

Dinosaurs On My Street

Hardcover (Firefly Books Sept. 12, 2013)

Prehistoric monsters show up in the weirdest places!

Welcome to the world of Dinosaurs On My Street, where life goes on as normal except that... dinosaurs roam the city streets.

This colorful book about dinosaurs is for young readers. And what child doesn't enjoy dinosaurs? Each book uses amazing computer artwork to place the dinosaurs in a modern city environment of buildings, cars, trucks, fire engines, parks and construction sites. Dogs and people of all sizes and ages are in awe of the huge creatures. The dinosaur illustrations are accurate in relative size, shape and color. Readers get a real sense of how enormous dinosaurs were -- bigger than buildings with tails as long as a city block and jaws that could swallow a car in one gulp.

Simple descriptive text is in big clear letters for young readers. A pronunciation guide helps with the dinosaurs' tongue-twisting names and a picture compares each dinosaur's height with that of a child.

The colorful full-page drawings, however, are the main attraction. Thirty scenes of street settings with lots of action and people in the familiar activities of day-to-day life will engage all dinosaur fans.

Dinosaurs On My Street is a fun face-to-face meeting with the giants of prehistory as they overrun our city streets.

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