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Anna Aphid
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Christine Goppel
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Age 5-6

Christine Goppel

Anna Aphid

Hardcover (North-South Sept. 1, 2005)
A tiny aphid named Anna lives on a big green leaf with her family. But Anna is different from the other aphids. She is curious to discover what lies beyond their green world. So Anna sets off to explore. In an entertaining visual guessing game, we see things from Anna's point of view. An ordinary bedroom is a vast, uncharted universe. A light bulb is a burning sun, a baby's head, the moon. The rug is a red planet's fuzzy forest. Dangers lurk everywhere. A burst balloon becomes an exploding planet, the vacuum cleaner a powerful black hold that sucks everything in its path. Having explored enough for one day, Anna heads back through the emptiness of the universe to her own green homeland. There, she reports on her findings: "I didn't meet any other forms of intelligent life," she tells her father. "But the universe is so big! Who knows what is out there waiting for us?"
0735820074 / 9780735820074
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