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Age 4+
Grade 2-3

Claire Llewellyn

Hide and Seek - Bugs

Hardcover (Blackbirch Press June 10, 2004) , 1 edition
There's a lot more to Nature than meets the eye!

You bring a picnic to a beautiful spot in the forest. You sit and read a book in your garden. You take a quiet canoe ride on a lazy river. You may feel as if you're alone, but you are not alone at all. In fact, you are surrounded by hundreds -- even thousands -- of living creatures! Insects, mammals, reptiles, birds. They are all around you -- even if you don't see them at first.

The Hide and Seek series opens your eyes to the richness and variety of wildlife that can be found in all kinds of environments. Each title presents you with common scenes -- settings that may seem familiar at first. Hidden within those settings, are all kinds of animals -- and it's up you to seek them out! Turn the page, and you'll see how many animals you missed -- plus you'll learn a little bit about each creature. Hundreds or beautiful full-color illustrations make each Hide and Seek book an especially fun way to learn all about the world around you.

Hide and Seek
1410301257 / 9781410301253
20.8 oz.
9.5 x 0.5 in.

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